Business For Sale

This is a rare opportunity to secure a successful, much-loved business.
Work from home, when it suits you, in and around your family commitments.

Rock Star for a Day has thrilled over 28,000 customers all over Australia across 15 years.

Rock Star for a Day is a very simple concept. Customers get to:

The concept has been used successfully across:

Each of the above ways we use the Rock Star for a Day concept generates their own income streams. As the new owner you would be able to work each channel to maximise income, while loving the flexibility this work from home business offers.

Here are some of our promo shots showing Rock Stars in the making. The copyright for these images come with the business so you can use them.

Why Are We Selling The Business?

The owner, Ben, is selling the business because between his career in finance, other side businesses and starting his own family, he has chosen to prioritise his career and family. Finding the right person to take over the business is very important to Ben and he will provide full support to the new owner to get you off the ground successfully.

We are looking for the right, can-do, well connected and passionate person to take over the reigns and run the fun, much-loved business that shares the gift of music and togetherness.

What Comes With This Business?

If you were to buy this business you get:


What Skills And Experience Would I Need To Run The Business?

Everything you need to know about running this business is outlined clearly in the Operations Manual, which has been constantly refined over 15 years in business. You don’t need any previous experience, but you do need to be able to follow instructions (from the Operations Manual) and then adapt the business as you see fit.

Do I Need To Run The Events?

No. We have always employed hosts to run the actual events. We have found some amazing, vibrant and reliable hosts by placing adds on Gumtree and by calling local singing and drama schools. Most of our hosts were females between 20 and 24 years of age and delivered really great events to our customers. They LOVED working for Rock Star for a Day as there are not many fun and rewarding jobs like being a Party Host out there!

What’s In The Operations Manual?

Everything you need to know is in the Operations Manual, including:

What’s So Good About Rock Star For A Day As A Business?

Rock Star for a Day is an amazing business to run and here’s why:

Where Are We Situated?

We have run the business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth over the years. We have employed independent contractors to deliver the service and managed customer enquiries and booking centrally via our 1800 ROCK STAR phone number and website.

You can run this business from anywhere in the country. We recommend that you build it up in your local community using your extended family and friend network and online activities. It is also important that you build relationships with similar types of businesses and work together to attract and service customers.

How Profitable Is This Business?

The financial success of any business always comes down to a number of key points including:

To help you create a rough forward cash flow budget and help you decide if this is the right business for you, please find our most recent fee structure. Of course, if this was your business, you could change this.

Per 1.5 hour kids party we charge $25 per person (min of 10 kids) and earn between $250 and $500.

Per 2 hour hens night we charge $250 for a 3 song recording session and $300 for 5 songs.

Per 2-4 hour team building/corporate event we charge between $1000 and $10,000 depending on the number or participants and event format. We can deliver our event to up to 100 people and all the details are in our Operations Manual.

Per 2 hour vacation care/out of hours care program we charge $15 per person (min of 20 kids) and earn between $300 and $1000.

Your costs include paying a party host/facilitator and CD stock (CD’s, paper parts and ink – allow $1 per unit)

Based on your experience, network, personality, work ethic and ability to promote this business in your region, only you will be able to roughly estimate your income earning potential.

What’s The Price Of This Business?

Rock Star for a Day is for sale via negotiation and includes:

I Love This Business Opportunity. What’s The Next Step?

If you think this business would be perfect for you to run from home, in and around your family commitments, let’s talk.

The current owner would love to hear from you and answer your questions. Please call Ben on 1800 ROCK STAR (free call 1800 762 578).